Cloth Diapers, Yeast & Laundry Oh My!!! (Part Two- Laundry Routine)

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January 1, 2013 by justsayingmama

Checking on-line for what is the best way to treat cloth diapers for yeast is a battle in itself. There are many different opinions on what is best to do. If you are lucky enough to have any crunchy mama friends who also cloth diaper, they are often the best sounding board and go-to people for advise. I only know three other mamas who cloth diaper so I messaged them seeking the holy grail of yeast busters. I must say, that CD mamas love to help each other and I am so appreciative of that. My closest-crunchy-mama-friend actually messaged her friends for their advise as some of them tackled this situation. Go team!!! Again, lots of varying ideas on what to do. For whatever reason, I just didn’t want to use bleach on my stash. After lots of reading I came across a great link from that basically says that Grapefruit Seed Extract is the only natural way to kill yeast spores.

First I had all my cloth diapers already washed and dried as I normally do.

-Soak for three hours in the bath tub with hot water and three spoonfuls of Rocking Green Detergent.

First Load of Cloth Diapers

Second Load of Cloth Diapers

-Drain tub and ring out diapers and inserts and place in towel lined laundry hamper to transfer to washer
-Place in washer
-Rinse with no spin to have the diapers weigh more to more water will be added in wash

Cold Rinse with NO Spin

Cold Rinse with NO Spin

-Wash Settings –> Hot Wash/Cold Rinse, Medium Spin, Heavy Soil Level. Extra Rinse, Water Plus and Stain Cycle settings selected.

Hot Wash/Cold Rinse, Medium Spin, Heavy Soil Level. Extra Rinse, Water Plus and Stain Cycle settings selected.

-Grapefruit Seed Extract added to detergent slot (approx 30 drops)
-Once the wash started for a couple of minutes I stopped the wash and let the wet diapers sit in the GSE for about ten mints
-Started wash again
-Once cycle finished I did one more cycle with RG.
-Everything in dryer on Medium Heat
-Mr. Sun has not been shining so no sunning the fresh diapers 😦 #wintertimeclothdiaperfail

Lay stash out and begin to stuff!

Cloth Diapers Ready to Stuff

Here’s hoping I’ve busted the yeast monster for good!!



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